Mermaid & Coral Wooden Handmade Puzzle

Mermaid & Coral Wooden Handmade Puzzle

Dimensions Mermaid:

height 12 cm (4.72″)

length 8,8 cm (3.46″)

thickness 2 cm (0.8″)


Dimensions Coral:

height 10,2 cm (4.02″)

length 8 cm (3.15″);

thickness 2 cm (0.8″)

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Coral, Mermaid, Mermaid with Coral

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Mermaid & Coral Wooden Handmade Puzzle is made with love for kids and developed with anatomical features of a child’s arms in mind. It feels nice to the touch. The toy has varying texture, which helps developing motor skills. In the child’s hands, the toy becomes a guide to the world of wonder and adventure.

Playing with our toy instills the love of nature and animals, develops creativity, improves attention span. The toy is perfect as an educational or developing playset, good for imaginative play, parties, school projects, and craft.

  • All toys are handmade and 100% made of alder wood.

All toys are green! We use wood, water, water-based paints, linseed oil, and bio wax for production. All materials are of high quality, non-toxic, and labeled “For kids” and “BIO.”

Bio-toys are safe for your children!


  • Keep in mind that every toy is handmade and manually painted. Thus toys of one series can slightly vary in size or color.
  • To take care of the toy, clean it with a wet cloth, protect it from mechanical damage, do use it near an open fire. With proper care and treatment, the service life is unlimited.
  • Use under adult supervision is recommended. Do not use as a teether, do not submerge in water.
  • Thank you for visiting our shop. We are happy to answer any questions.
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Mermaid & Coral Wooden Handmade Puzzle
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