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«GreenTaiga» – a true wooden toys workshop.

Among big-city hustle, deep in digital spaces, surrounded by soulless plastic, we lose our connection to nature. Wood is the most environmentally friendly material, capable of preserving the warmth of nature itself. Wood is one of the first materials ever implemented in the making of charms, talismans, runes, and toys of course. For hundreds of years, our ancestors have gathered experience and knowledge of this craft, while remaining in contact with nature. The masters of old created toys based on the reality around them. Is it not a miracle, that this connection is still there after millennia and our children still enjoy playing with toys made of wood? A wooden toy is a perfect tool for intellectual, emotional, and physical upbringing. As parents, we know this full well, which is why all our toys are firstly approved by our kids. And only upon seeing their eyes shining with joy we know that we are ready to present those toys to you. We are thankful for your choice of handcrafted items over mass-marketed products. For all our toys have individual designs and are based on original sketches.  We take great care of our environment by recycling wood residues. «GreenTaiga» – is a team of professionals, experienced in art and business. With our knowledge combined, we create a high-quality product, that is ecologically safe and meets international standards and requirements. In addition to toys of our own making, we are ready for individual wholesale orders.

All our products are produced in our workshop from scratch. For our toys, we use natural and environmentally friendly materials, such as various types of wood, linseed oil and water-based paints, certified EN71. All materials are safe for children and the environment.

We work with custom orders and accept wholesale orders, please contact us for more information.

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